dirty feet

                                                                 photo: Tony Stewart

When I was a little kid, my younger sister and I would be sent down to Parkersburg Wva. to stay with our Grandparents. Playing out in the front yard, till the sun started to go down, and it was getting dark.  My Grandma, would have to wipe our bare feet with a towel, wipe off the soot.  There was a big smoke stack not to far away, at some plant.  Everybody had jobs there.

Work road trip,  to shoot in a burnt up house, back in Wva.

The bike road back with the gear, and I got on the trainer, in a couple of different hotel rooms.

I circled back, up to Columbus, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, to see family.

I only know one hill in Beaver, and if I get the chance, I hit it up.

Vegan Polish food, local beers, and finally a visit to the Warhol museum.

Cheers!  dlowe

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