Campaign '18

Today is the first day of work.   I road out to a lull of a hill, Centennial Rd.  A mile long hill with an rolly 4% grade.   At the top, it's a short bit at 7%, I stand and pick up the cadence, to the stop sign.

generally riding around my neighborhood at 7-9am is not so good.  The cars, suv's buzz me, the blue jay, barn swallow drivers, with yoga mats, kids to drop off, dogs to primp-up, and salons to spiff up in, swoop and dive, and make me feel unwelcome, I always wonder if this will be the day I die.

I ended last season, analyzing, I got out this winter, planning, and today, spring, I start implementing.
A weakness in my racing, the top of the climb, climbing.
Today, this rolling hill was targeted to remedy that.
and it's Not so much of doing more climbing this year, but stronger climbing, with a better finish at the top, is my goal.

The weather, conditions for riding were special, chilly, snowed lingering, pretty dry roads.
Green coming alive, brighter in hue and saturation.
My finger tips burned a bit, still cold.
Centennial Road is quite, and I was left alone, to do my job.

I do, ...I hate fast cars.

Cheers!  dlowe

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