status quo

The break at the end of cross season and back into training ends for me at the day light savings time switch.  My rides up to now have been pretty much laid back,  just going enough to stay on top of the pedals, with a comfortable spin.

My wife, Ljiljana , knows I love roses, pale roses, the Pale Yellow to the Antique Whites.

We usually buy roses/flowers for each other when we are leaving, going away on a trip.  They stay pretty and keeps the heart happy while we're away. 

I buy her more of a baby's breath, field looking, natural, or if its summer just make a nice bouquet from whats blooming in our yard.  

Group training rides start, the sprints,  'b' drives, GV30 and racing some old man Crits.   It will all be balanced by what the spring weather gives.  

The changing of the clock.  New batteries in the smoke detectors.  Efforts and building, racing. 

It's quiet, a tension, the joy, of  turning left out of the staging corporate office parking lot, to start the GV30.  New kits.   Pale legs.  Cool shoes. 

Cheers spring!  dlowe

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Anne Rock said...


I've got my first new pair of road shoes in a decade. A DECADE.

I'm ready. Bring it!