I was behind Lance, crossing the Strawberry mansion bridge, in his slipstream.  Kelly on my left, Lance is a big one, and Kelly and I  both were out of the wind.  Towed along.

     photo: Mr. J. Benson

My legs were pretty heavy, sapped, I've got some couple of days of long easy stuff in them,
Up out of the Wiss. Kelly and I climbed.

     photo: Mr. J. Benson

we'd left the group on the cynwyd trail with a thank you, adios.

      photo: Mr. J. Benson

Down Nature Boy we roared, Loose, like the Stooges song.

It's always is and been a hard adjustment for me, from the cross season, to not racing.
I got out on the mountain bike, did a long road ride, and today, Bicycle Revolutions' CX ride.
Busy stuff, not going hard, a few more weeks and I'll settle in.

A good day,  nice week, more ahead I know, easy does it.

Cheers!  dl

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