a pregnant pause, .....we all sat still laughing and cackling, joking, and trying not to have our eyes closed as the anonymous hiker women did us good, and snapped a memory for us.

It's been a number of years now, a small group of us get together, to watch Worlds CX. and then do a mountain bike ride afterwards.  and it's fun, and it's the off season, and the cravings I get, I don't not yield to them I indulge.
My tires get fatter, my stomach grows happy, and a bit of fat builds around the gut.
 This break is really important, and along with the long slow miles to build base, I try to ride a lot of miles, that are full of smiles, cat calls, fun stuff.

I say, there are too many problems and downers to stress out about all the time, that I need a place, that I remember, to enjoy, tune out of the world, and take it easy, and laugh.
These are The Greatest base miles.

Cheers!  dlowe

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