wrap up

I felt good after finishing my race, finished.
Done with a good year.  Had a good race, calm in the grid, and smart out on the course.
18th, maybe I could of got a few spots higher, I'm satisfied.

I visited a museum Saturday instead of watching races.  Cool rooms, big spaces, small nooks and art everywhere, good stuff.  great quite empty galleries morning at the Wadsworth Atheneum.

to wrap all this year, up?   I can't.   they seem to be blending a bit, I'm loving the riding, training,
It all's special, maybe that's what I needed to keep me calm, Ha, there's is nothing I can do when my head starts spinning, and nerves are jitting,   like the ice rutted course, ride light, with speed, point the bike, and see where it goes, dab, good line, duff, just missed that tree.  

1st thing I did at home, left the bags and bikes in the van, and got to work on a flyer,
I did find a bit of structure, and ideas while looking at the art.  and I like art that tells a story,

George got lost on last years Water Ice ride, so....

goal making?
to take a shot at teaching a bit at a cx clinic.  
to exert a bit more energy, at races, I did not do much to help others at Nats.
Race faster of course.  tweak the training, to keep crushing my foes souls as much as they crush me!
ride at the back of the pack, vigilant, to silently support a stranger, newbie, suffering comrade.
Take more pictures, read more books, write better Haiku!
Thank you for riding with me, the cheers, jeers, and hugs!

that's a wrap!  Dlowe

                              photo: Diane Vettori, caught my smiles, at the end of this season!

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John Dzubinski said...

It has been a pleasure to read your blog, and race, er get past by you in races this season. I share some of the same goals, and would look forward to learning from your success. Enjoy the process of the new year. Cheers! -John