The Crossover

tonight headed down crossbow, tacky and tight, feeling good, n'loose. 

during the summer, spinning up Rose Glenn, doing hill repeats.  I rolled down to the bottom to the return, and listened.  The creek water,  I listen.
"when it gets tougher, I'm tired, not quite as confident"
spinning easy for recovery,
"this creek, this sound, It,
I will use, recall"

It is hard for me to know howl I'll do at Nationals.
I'd like a top ten,
but what I'd really like, is to go in with a smile, calm,
a friendliness.
I'd line up in the second row, make the front group, suffer intensely, and be happy with that.

I'm not sure I will be able to conjure up the sound of the creek.
somehow it does not stick with me, and I can't pull it up.

The other day, just putting a few climbing miles in,
going down Rose Glenn there is a road that comes in from the right,
and the car pulled forward just a bit too far, soft on the brakes, and I had to brake to make sure,
to be safe,
and I slowed and gave some eyes to the driver.
In the few year old Honda,
and I think it was Allen Iverson,
it was!
Driving a Honda.
That, is what I'm going to run through my brain when I get up tight.
"Gentlemen, One Minute"
I'll see him, Iverson,  looking at me, from that Honda...  and all will be fine.

Cheers!  dlowe.

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