Mind how you go, on.

Muscle Mike, I found in a bought used book a while back.   He has been my bookmark of choice since.
At the end of the night past Friday, after watching Kevin Morby/Cate Le Bon play, I
picked up a postcard.  Kevin Morby was selling them. 
I don't send postcards, never did, maybe once from my trip to Paris,  but that might be it.

A polite sign on the door asked for no picture taking. I took none.

The show was good, almost packed.  Morby played well if not a bit up tempo.   and Cate was more of a rock songstress,  original, and a pleasnt bit divine.

I talked just a second to Morby.  Later,  I took Cate's hand, on my way out, and thanked her.  Her hand felt small in mine. Her hand was very warm.

I think Muscle Mike might close out his place holding in this book tonight,  reading about Maynard Dixon has been a delight, and his principles on life, well stated, and good guidance.

what to read next?

Cheers, d.

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