free all Monsters

I picked up lightroom 5,  its a post program for "developing" stills,  digital.
Starting out, I'm sure I'll be a bit heavy handed,  a bit off in color correction.
Already, in the brief time since working on the photos I took today, to adding them here, I want to tweak.

Lots of sliders to move back and forth,   detail enhancement, colors, tints.

The Bats - "Free All the Monsters"

Today, I wanted to walk around city hall.   Its closed to the public,  since 9/11,  keeps us safer, I guess, to me, directly, its a loss of freedom.

I took the tour offered, the guided tour is the only way for me to walk around the building.  It was a grand tour,  the building is incredible.   It ends in the observation deck,  a glass circular room just under Penn's feet.
You'r left to your own accord to find your way back out of the building.  I could of just wandered and took photos, bent the rules a bit.     Not left right away.   I might go back and sneak in that way later, to take photos,  but I wanted to just pedal home.   On the ride in via Parkside Ave, I took a few.

Only a small group  at a time can go up to the observation deck.  Its a wee little elevator.
I talked with the guide to pass the time,  she was in her mid 70's and was born, lived all her life in Philly.   I asked her about Woodside Park,  about riding the train around Belmont.  She told me of the cool breeze, and smiled talking about the bygone amusement park.  I wanted to tell her  about how we ride back there now, on mountain bikes.   She had drifted off into an old world,  I don't think she had though about,  in a while,... We were interrupted, and I was called to the elevator.   To see the view of the city from Penn's feet.  

cheers, dlowe.

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