lowe Noon

I got out today,  I left a little before noon.  In my car.
driving home from work,  if I happen to be headed down Roosevelt Blvd.  I've often noticed this big open field.   I'm sure it was made up of houses sometime ago, that they've been flattened, as they were abandoned.

Arcade Fire - "We Exist"

I was never a Arcade Fire fan,  even saw them at the Mann.   I've taken them less serious,  seeing them more as charades of a band, like whatever they pretend to be/going on,  I'm buying into.
I enjoy the new record.

I'd buy this house.  It is the one left standing.
Not too many chances to buy a house like this.  You could see the world around you.  It'd be a glorious castle.   A legend.

Cheers, dlowe.

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