Ides of Ice

CX is never Cancelled

tomorrow is July 4th, and it's a special day in philly, it's water ice cx day.
The day to get out, and just do a ride, around town.  A cx ride.  With whoever has the ability.
tomorrow I will head out with Kelly, from my front porch, down to Manayunk to meet the start of the ride.    We'll greet our mate Lisa, and headed out for this years loop.

today, like all but one day since March 13th, I did not have work. and so I often get brief slips of day of the week forgetfulness.  This morning I met Lisa at the Valley Green Inn and we got out for a nice mtbike ride.
Today is Friday.

Friday nights are nice,  since the the 3rd Friday in March this year, my old college roomate, (I graduated from Ohio University '86) spins records live, on crappy old facebook live. 
Greg has a little lab set up, the walls filled with shelves of records.  He starts his show at 5:20 LA time.  He get's a good pile of records prepped, waits for us to join, talks a bit, cracks an hazy IPA, shows the album to the camera, and plops the vinyl on the turntable and away spins  my Friday nights nicely.

The checking cx results, and race predictor, the being called up, lined up in the grid.  the brutal short ride, trying to stay inside the tape, trying to push that much harder, to close that gap.   Post race beers, or painful numb toes.  Friends foes, clanging cowbells.  Standing atop a wood box!
Racing is never gone, it is always there, always to look forward to, and also,there are plenty of memories.  some I'd go as far to say, memories as strong as the pain of an Water Ice headache.
It's in my blood.
Cross isn't about how it has to be done, it's what and how we do it, despite everything, to get it done!

I'm looking forward to tomorrow, to my ride with Kelly and Lisa on this years Water Ice ride.

Cheers CX racers!  dlowe

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