I love getting out the bucket and brush and giving a bike a good scrubbing. 

my Niece's "new" bike

With all the new riders out there, I found it my enjoyable duty to wave at them all.
Every kid I pass, I make it a point to slow, and give an admiring compliment.
A true feeling compliant, it brings me joy to see a kid on a bike.   and I think that what I see in their smile; pride, independence, accomplishment.   To what  the ownership of that bike brings to that kid,...and man, that just gets me deep, in that amazing emotional soft spot.  Of throwing my arms up in the air as I cross the line.  Victory!
and much like the sound of the babbling brook in the woods, the cold after race beers, the long solo ride where you think there is no way that your toes won't fall off, that kid's smile is there big in my bank of cycling energy memories.

I felt like riding after dinner, my legs rockets, and I held 'em back
and just went hard on one longish climb, and crushed it.

I don't always enjoy every pedal stroke, and I often search for the meaning of why I'm riding. 
the tired angry, self flagellation, of being, slow.

Right now, I'd say I am not that far off of racing shape. 
My form is pretty good.
The last few weeks on the bike,
I've got a natural flow back, something I have not had for years.
and the very small groups of people I get out with,
there is a more genuine joy.

Meet Sassafras "Sassy"

I know the targeted value of a workout done on a trainer. 
but there is something to the flow I've forgotten.
and been forced to find again.

I got a text from my neice, looking for a bike, and I sent a text out to a couple of friends, and within a few seconds, I had a response.  Erin, was getting a SS Mtbike, and George "wink" was putting his foot down, and a bike had to get outta their house.
I am not sure of the history that Erin had with Sassy, 
but I'm sure as I know Erin, 
that nothing would make her happier, than Sassy being ridden on a hot summer night evening,
along a tow path,
to get ice cream, and to sit and enjoy the night.

Roll on racers, and don't forget to wave at all of our new friends on bikes.  They'll pick up, that, that is what a cyclist does, no matter how fast, or wide your tread,  that riding is the joy!

Cheers!  dlowe

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