Always a racer

Ljiljana and I were driving down route 1 south,  and a woman, was just in front of us causing me much, frustration.
Her driving, was just annoying bits, jabbed, and paused or sped up, lane changed, I was destined never to get around here, and into the clean air.  Air that I could just point my car, and drive with common sense.  "She just an old woman"  I said, as we'd creep up to a car back of her. With two lanes our direction of road, we couldn't get around her, and now HOW we both wanted to peer in and see who was piloting that vehicle in such an annoying way.

I'll be checking  my ride stats, and other information, like sleep quality,  from my watch, after the ride, and in the mornings,...
I'm not sure why,  but I love it!

I've never ever had any idea about how watts = speed + lbs, - blood lactate threshold made me fast. I guess I know that I just want to pass people, at the right time, crush 'em and leave them in the dust.
When the legs are good, I've nipped a few at the line, for 2nd or 3rd, or pride.  My wins, the few, I  just won with a gap.  The townline sprint, most are, well, pretty much all are by surprise, and by out smart.  Do people still even race for those signs!?   and on a mountain bike group ride, if I get the spot, I'll have to pimp you, diesel past on the "off" the line, and get around you.

At the next light, I slowed next to her, we looked at her and I said "she is old",  and that hit me.
At 58 I am her age!  Freaking I'm old!  A bald wrinkled sun spotted decaying old man!!!

I love riding,  maybe the amount of people out there I can crush has shrunk a bit, but that coon dog chasing the car up the dirt road instinct is in my blood, I'll bark loud, when I know that I can scare you off.   Old people scare you with the word Gile, and that unpredictableness, that used up look of me, with nothing more I've got to lose but to defeat you, and I may recognize the right time, to apply what I know, old age experience,  against a fair foe, and the battle hard, and the victory sweeter, or the loss, slept on, and replayed, and never that same mistake to be made again.

I've found the satisfaction of an achievement on strava, never comes close to the joy I feel in the last gasp of air,.... someone concedes, gives off in defeat.

Even if its mine.

dlowe  Cyclocross Racer.

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