The Bits and Pieces of a Personal-ality.

I got out yesterday with George, to ride White Clay park.  George has his route, navigating the park, that he likes, and I just followed along, Oh of course George  does encourage for me to take the front, and pedal in the lead, which I do enjoy to do every so often.

My single speed bike, is an older Salsa, the Mamasita.  and it really is an extra bike, so the bits on it, I tend to use what is left over, in still good working order, and keep it running that way.

I think it is easier to not be normal, it's a chore to do the things that are not your personality, to fit.

and I'll be ripe, at 58 this August,  and when I'm riding, I don't feel that I have an age, ...if I'm feeling fit.
That most likely what I like about you is all the beat up bits, and eccentric things that make you up!
and yesterday, I'm feeling pretty fit.   We rolled steady, and whatever the rear cog I had on the bike was the right one for White Clay.  The trails were empty, the weather, fine. 

Oh I wholeheartedly believe to be careful and not get chain ring grease on the back of my calf.  I  believe that your cycling cap can have little tilt, and a lot of looft.

and that we all should have our own names for the trails we ride.   I pass things that have been often passed, but it's my time, and that time, that makes it mine.

the less I reason with emotion and listen, I think I understand a bit better, that whatever I believe, and why,... it is probably wrong, and that makes me feel good, looking for the right way.

but anyway, riding with George yesterday at White Clay on my single speed mountain bike was fine!

and in my opinion,  that is the right way, to ride, yesterday.

the Salsa Mamasita single speed mountain bikes back in its palace in it's shed home.  Oh them poor old cx bikes, the sscx, and the old racer,  what shall i do with you?

Cheers!  dlowe

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