Muddy Creek Chruch

This time of year the sun doesn't rise high, and the days are shorter in day light.
The suns always behind the Muddy Creek Church.
It is on Muddy Creek rd, the road I take driving home from racing at Stoudts.
In my eyes, that golden glint always.
Headed toward the entrance ramp to the turnpike.

                                  racer Stoudts cx   photo: Zoey

I always wonder where the muddy creek is, where's it running?

                                              racer,  Caffeinated Horse barn

Sometimes racing leaves me a bit grumpy, suffern hard, and not being as fast as I think I should be.

and other good days,   I'm the wind lifting the leaves and scattering them.

Stoudts CX 11/3  8th place
I felt like I had a governor on the motor, never got it going like I wanted, left me a bit grumpy.
Grumpies dissipated about 20 mins post racing, did cool down alone, road past a cool old building, "Bollman Hats - 1868" need to buy a hat next year.

                                              me, coming to the Belgian steps  photo: Monkey

Caffinated CX 14th,
Damn I did'nt notice I lined up in the grid behind a guy racing a SS!   DOUFFF!
made amends around him, went pretty well.  Real Excellent course!, spceially the belgian steps.
Funny, late in the race, I seem to feel Vettori on my tail, I'd look back, panicked a bit, go harder,
but he was there, just not right there on me.  Nice little keg in the woods. Perfect venue. loved.

                                     Caffeinated dirt mound, nice feature!

The base of Goat hill, with it's two goats, chickens and solar panels, are just behind an old property line fence, was damp.

I'm guessing, that a lot of creeks get moved and buried, lost. the toads, and mud disappear.
the Numbers are down at the races this year, and I'm not sure how promoters are taking it?
its a bunch of time, some money, people power to stake and clear, a course. To make it something.
Special, worth riding, worth, pre-race, jawing about, "oh I miss the spiral of death"
"that was bumpy in the wrong places" and always "who'd put the barriers there?"

I'm thinking about the mud at Stoudts, and the road named after the muddy creak,  and in general Cross Racing.
I always hope that the love of racing is always in the  blood, it's spirit pumping, that a race must be put on.
and that it's imperfections, that's what I seek.
That things get moved, ended, buried, but some where, some how, it pops it's head up, and that a group challenges each other, to navigate it's strange, obstacles, and in the end, after a couple of times, with some winners and a bunch of losers, you might even give it some kind of nick name, that means something, worthy,  to all the competitors.

Cheers All Cross!

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