the new CX season

Carpenter cross.   Whirlybird.

Saturday, Carpenter Cross, PACX #1 race of the season.

After mustering all I thought I could, gnarling all of the gristle off the bone.
The end of the last lap, I just caught onto  2nd, and 3rd.
and I wanted to be on the podium. 
I just was gassed, and they got me, I got 4th.
It's been a while since I've been on the podium. It felt good to be there close, it felt bad to be so close, and not get it.

Kelly has been working with me, he takes my numbers, the quantities, which has been nice.
I just concentrate on the quality, the pure efforts of my work.  Which as a racer, probably is the best you could ask for. 

He asked me "where could you find those 6 seconds" a tough, a real fair question, I'm still thinking.

Sunday, Whirlybird MAC-hood, #2 race of my season.

I was gassed, and suffered, a lot. All my numbers were down, heart rate, the power. and the lead group left me, and the second group left me, and I chased with Featherman.  I knew their was no coy, no guile, no nothing that was going to drag my lagging ass up to the bottom of the ass of those chasing top ten.  So.  I saw a spot, and said, "YO!"  "Don't coast this corner"  "PEDAL"  and I hit it,
and Featherman followed me, we pedal and drifted a tad, and damn if we did'nt roll right up to that group in front of us.  Featherman, stuck it, road smart, and got the group for 10th.
The best I could do, was put in a mock effort, an attack, to the line, push myself, as if I was in it to win it.  I rolled in 14th, not bad.

If there is anything most I want out of this season, it is to enjoy my CX family, to make everyone feel comfortable and give 'em a spot, that the new sap is as important as the old salt.
That I understand, I'll have more power, if I ride a tad relaxed, with a smile.
You'll look at me, and you'll see a rider with a full tool box of tactics, attacks, ploys.
That can suffer immensely. Races fairly. Ha, and is damn human, and can't help but bump you, poking my nose once in a while, out of control where it shouldn't be.

Next week, I'm happy to say, I'll be up in Saratoga Springs, working, doing some interviews, b-roll of train sets. Working.  So when you line up in the grid at Nittany, and are watching that light to turn green.  I can almost guarantee, you'll have a quick thought of me!
so I'll be riding on your shoulder, and I don't want you to lose the podium by 6 seconds,
I want to see you cross the line, and look at your foe, with respect.
Spent, dripping sweat, heart pounding.
and roll off.... lift the tape for a "B" rider to get onto the course to pre-ride.
Clang your cow bell, lift your clandestine beer, and celebrate our sport.

cheers 2019 cx!

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