Devouring the Gods

I have a Summers Glow.

Gazpacho and a couple of BLT sandwich's came to mind.  We'd been out riding in the hot summer weather a bit.
Kelly, Lisa and I.
It's been a while since we've trained together, vacations, and work have changed up our routine a bit.

The redness, that shows through, the tan. The sweat, that won't stop.   Shady trails just up the bluff from the river's cooling.

Loose grip flying along the dirt path, a drifting, flying along.

We ride, training together often, with the same goals.

Today I got out early, by myself, coffee, a solid breakfast.   On to my workout.
I hear, and I have to answer, I need the structure, love it.  I don't think I'm losing anything, by doing
3 x 15 min. sweet spot intervals early on a Sunday morning.   I'd ride hard anyway.  and I really don't think you'd find a rider, that more than me, takes in everything I pass, more than me. 

I got home around 10am and started on lunch.
Fake morning star bacon, vegan mayo, lettuce, tomato, jalapenos, toasted grain bread.  A bowl of Gazpacho.

You ever get them thoughts, cravings, during a ride deep into it, a bit from it's end...

I need the structure of racing. Just a few rules.  A whistle to start, and a line to cross to stop.
That's what I need.

I think cross is like a Dagwood sandwich, Put what you want into it , that you have at hand, and that you crave. More than you need, a chore to devourer, totally wipes you out. Smile.

In july I've got tan lines, bikes that creak from miles of hard work.
Dreams.  a Calender to make. Weeks to count down.  Going to Nationals?!

and I've got those uncontrollable urges, childish, that I'll probably never out grow, cravings
maybe it's an IPA or water ice, or winning an uncontested town line sprint, or a long storied opinion that I'm going to tell you as we pedal along.

and by gosh, that makes me glow like riding on a hot, humid summer day,   keeps me happy!

Cheers Mates!  dlowe

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