In a Spot

I am a learner, that comes by knowledge usually picked up, by painting myself into a corner.
I brake bits, strip, dent, snap, drop and lose them, quite easily on my first attempt.

It was a good, the last three days of riding, the heat and humidity did compound itself, and by riding home, Sunday, I was a bit more loopy, than my normal self.

Friday I did some workouts on the bike. "Stay Fit!"  I say.
warm and a light rain, I'm a cap wearer.   and I watched the water drop form and rock on the brim.

Saturday it did not take long at all!  To realize that what I'd thought about getting a good bit, of hard, long, rugged, cx trail riding work in, turned into, a long,  hazy, humid, it just ended up being, surviving a long,  humid, hard, and rugged trail ride, to its end.

Today was better.

I had considerable less expectations of what I could do, it was a good cx long ride, but at a lower intensity level.
As I was just rolling out on the start of the ride, up the tow path, I saw a women in biking distress of some sorts.
I asked "are you fine, do you have what you need"  she answered, with a expression of "I don't"...

I stopped, it is a tough choice now a days, with so many out riding, who I help, and who is left to their own accord, to find a solution, and getting where they need to get, and their bike seems to have a problem.

Well she was, getting at the repair, on her way, to changing her tube, fixing a flat,  but I don't think she was far enough along to do it. 
I stepped in, and...
I did not booger anything up, I was a help.
and as I started to fix the flat,  she stopped me,
she asked "what is your name?"  I liked that.
It was better than a thank you, for sure.
and Quick I was, to fix that flat.
I helped her out and we were both on our way, snappy quick. 

Friday I was going hard, suffering, and my mind was to keep the body smooth, watch how far the drip rolled back and forth on the bill of my cap.
It was a light rain, and the drops came in a spread out steady pace.
and kept me good company.
Saturday, I just suffered,
Sunday....  a good long day of riding,  and with a nice memory!

Cheers, stay the course, keep training, stay fit!

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