Independence day.

Anarchy only seems to work for ants.  Often and much proven every time I ride past Produce Junction on Bryn Mawr Ave.  You get two cars, trying to park and pull out and the whole road is blocked.   Independence, doesn't mean free for all.  Or think of myself first.  On a road ride, the front rider, is responsible for every wheel following.  Those small gestures, a slap to the right ass cheek, car on berm, a hand down is quiet and calm, a simple way to signal, that means to slow.  I always had problems on the Drives Ride with people jumping pot holes, I'd be behind that jerk, nail the hole, and flat, or my bars twisted down on the brutal impact, or I'd just say  "Fuck!" loudly, expressing, with my American right, my displeasure in leadership.
Everyone should know how to lead.

I have often spent restless Water Ice CX ride eves.   A goal, simple, to give as few rules, as possible, to somehow, that,  each rider takes on the responsibility for themselves and everyone else on the ride.  There have been crashes, lost souls, lots of laughs, flats, some rides the broom wagon has the most patient of driver, keeping that last place rider in good spirits, motivated, maybe to get them to dig deeper, and keep on.

Today I got out with the mates, Kelly and Lisa,  we were joined by a respectful Chris Mckenna, who sussed us out and snuck on, which only added, safely, more to the ride.

Lisa took the brunt of my trivia history lessons as we passed sights that had any importance.

and I told Chris about the secret  Coltrane mosaic mural.

I'm not sure why I chose to stop and visit the old goat Yoda, I guess he'll not be around much longer, I just find his story, and being, to be part of what is important to  me, what makes Philly, Philly.

thanks Chris for the photos

I love the Cyclocross Water Ice ride.

Cheers all, I look forward to riding together again!  dlowe

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