Strange Magic

I'm a real simple person.  If I ever did something incredibly grand or important, the people of the town wouldn't make DLowe Avenue,  it'd be more like Simpleton Street.   I like that, being simple.
I'd hope the street named after me, not that I can every imagine doing something grand and important enough, came to and made an intersection with Common Sense Street.  And on Common Sense Street we could build a few very nice but modest houses, and we'd house our most modest intellectuals.  Maybe a couple of young hipsters.  The States Supreme court Justice could have a big place, with a nice jacuzzi.  I'd make sure my dream of the best pastry/coffee shop came true, and I'd have a house of every ethnicity, and they'd have a simple sit down place, where you tasted and ate things you could not pronounce, and flavors you never imagined.

Today I got out for a ride with Andrew.  Andrew is a top notch masters rider from NM.  I know Andrew from playing in a band.  He was a 17 year old kid, that became our drummer,  I was 27 at the time.  It was pretty simple decision, good kid, excellent drummer and he got the music and energy that we played.
The streets today were pretty empty, and I just did  a loop down West River Drive, around the Mann, back past my home, and down the Cynwyd trail to the Rocky Statue where we met up.

I can't think of a more productive training ride then today's.  We just rolled along and chatted it up the whole way.  Good Stuff.

Good training sessions to you my racer friends,  stay fit, keep fast, be simple!

Cheers, dlowe

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