need rest


This week,  I'm off.  F' CROSS!

last weekend,
short of it.
Saturday I thought I sucked, my worst race this year.    ....but I went real hard at the end,
and closed a gap of twenty seconds, hard, hard, I just miss nipping Mister Saint Clair
at the line.  only one second,
I sucked saturday, I hate HPCX!!!

off the line so calm,
Curtis S. got caught in course netting, and downsided the hill, turtlting it.
I sat in second place with a good gap,  grand in fact.
Then I went full speed into the sand and Bifffed it
and head strong hard eating a lot of sand.
Curtis and I raced it out from there.
I loved the course, I per-race memorized it, had it down
did all the K Cline's I knew.
and freaking ripped off one of my best
with a sprint out of the dirt to take second.

every lap, on the dirt mound corner on the backside of the tennis court part of the  course I heard
a good voice, loud and bold.
"dlowe Haiku"
what kinda cheer is that?!

Thanks Sean!

Fall big cold grass fall toes
tall mans arm pull leaf from tree
large cloud brows stroll sky

f cross, f you,
my thoughts will forget you


Cheers!  dlowe

from my work this morning:

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