Super Cross

I felt gutted, I drove home with a stake through the heart.

I'd trade the hot corn race, and some of the other early season ones, to ride this one again, today, and a couple more times this week.  I liked it a lot, the whole long course of off camber mud, slippery corners of mud, greasy mud, mud puddles, uphill running mud,  and mud.
I  let air out of my tires, and had a strong mind set focused to do excellent, my short pre-ride, was on, good form.
I missed my pedal outta the grid, to start the race, twice, and saw the front drop me.
I rode with elbows out, not polite, almost New Englandish, and made up spots, at least I could see the front runners.
Then my lack of time on the mud,  mistakes, slips, not clipping in, showed endless places to find improvement.
It was a long lap, and for me slow lap times,  I got my moneys worth of mud, logging an 1hr and 7minutes out there on the course,   I finished with no brakes, cold toes, a dirty kit, and a burning desire.
To ride more mud.


                                                  early morning pre-ride mud

and some photos from Rebecca Lewandowski:

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