Cheshire Grin


I'll be working on clipping in, every workout,
When the light turned green.
I got a good jump off the line, at the stop light from Conshohocken State Road,
across City Ave.
to Conshohocken Ave.
up to speed...
Pedal, shift, pedal, Blammo!

the little toyota turnned in front of me to get some gas,  no time for me to brake ,
I laid on the ground looking back at the scene, just laid there
I could of got up,
no pain,
just soaked it all in

The driver was a really sweet, just a tad older than me, fine lady
"I've never hit nobody before, are you ok, oh my"
I got up, shook a bit, all seemed well, a small welt of a wound, on the arm,  a bit of blood.

we called the cops, and since I crossed the line,... from Montgomery Co. to Philly Co.
the wait would be long,

not much to do, we waited, she fretted, my bike and I pretty much fine,
so after an hour, we both went our own ways, off to prepare for Thanksgiving.

Glad I hit the rear panel, and not the sidedoors/windows,
I got out for a cx ride on Thanksgiving, with a couple of peeps.
Trying to balance rest and prep, for the last wee bit of the season.
and I got a bit of a smile, as I entered the age group down, 45+,  to race against my old, younger foes at Solstice Cross,   a thing about that,  how I wish Mark V. would be in the grid,
going at it with me, maybe I'd make a Mission Report.
...maybe I'll make a Deluxx Sandwich,
who knows, it's cross, whatever, it'll be fun!

Feeling spunky, got a Cheshire grin, a bit thankful, and full of sin!

Cheerio!  dlowe

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