The 5th

I did not have my best results at Stoudts today,
I clawed my way back from poor prep, and bike handling,
washing out in an early corner,
then right after that trying to collect some tape and stakes.
Got off the bike on the short punchy hill.  Palm the left shiftier back into proper position,
and got to it, some racing.
Made it back up to Doug Gray's wheel,
sitting 6th,  I ground Doug down a bit, today the front group was bigger and stronger,
I like that, tough.
and out of the woods gave it a bit more gas than he had,
and made a good finish at 5th place.

                                         photo: Stoudt's event staff

the podium was delayed a bit, as I waited for change at the bar from buying the Featherman, and I beers.

a large number of us Master+'s and youngin Master stayed in the beer hall,
I ride hard, and try to leave it all out there,
and Today was one of  those special days of cross,
the bull shit, beer, food, f'bombs, awful recollections of what went down,
excuses, a plenty!
Lots of talk of  health issues, Old Man health issues, and more shit and f'bombs.
Sitting at the long tables, some of us having grand days, others not so,

I swung my arms wild a bit and knocked a pint over.

It was a damn fine afternoon, in the beer hall!
Perfectly good weekend of cross.

Cheers!  dlowe

bonus: the Evans kids are a blast, and I try to see them at every race,
say high, chat about our racing,  Great kids!
hung out with them a bit at the wonderful Swashbuckler race Saturday!

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