I was having a chat with Mr. Saint Clair, after our race,  he was doing a polite job of correcting me for misspelling his name in a past post.  I nodded in agreement.  
We had a good race,  and I am happy to say, yesterday, I bettered him, and attacked hard into the final lap, got a good gap,.... and won!
I earned the right to stand on the top step, the big box.

I think we'd all agree, that the simpleness, beauty, physical challenge, of our sport.
the pain, determination.
The internal emotional mental  battles.   The foes that out ride you, good leg days.
Anger, confrontations, hugs and tears.
make cyclocross very picturesque.

Cheers!  dlowe

so nice I could not resist,  the new bits of our course/race, Crossasuras Awesome, improved the race, and made for some nice pictures.  Carlos Cabalu's fine work! 

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