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I went to the show of Phillip Taylor's to see some of his phila. photographs.
                             photo detail,  Phillip Taylor

I was up early today.   Being chilly out, the ground hard, I got out the door, on the mountain bike,
and headed over to ride Belmont while the trails were still hard

I love Belmont,
I've seen a lot at belmont, live sex acts, I  rode the day a body was dumped on the trail,  If the killer was on strava, we'd been pretty close to crossing paths.  I'd see him on heat maps.
It is overgrown, and, always in a fight to be controlled.
Fat bikes, city kids riding quads on 100 of yards wheelies, boobie traps, the sun sets on an amazing view of the city sky line, after cx grass track

                           photo: Phillip Taylor, s. philly dump ( where the stadiums now stand)

it is freaky the trails, outlined, all over the place, branches, and logs, sometimes 4 deep piled along the trail.  Stay inside the lines some OCD mook mtbiker wants you to do.
and the power struggles to say who controls these bum trails, always goes on, changes
always seems to be exclusive, someone knows the best, and is real angry, cause, they know best, and how ever anyone else rides, it's wrong.
Many sharp things, cut at eye level, knee, hip, toe, don't dab, you'll get shanked.

                            photos; Phillip Taylor,  TB documentation, the tenderloin

Mr. Taylor's photos are just here and there about the library, in beat up cabinets, scratched glass cases,
His stuff is good, gems.
and that's it, soon they will be taken, and be put away, hidden, unknown.

I ride Belmont as much as I can, and always during the ride I cuss something,
a truly philadelphia institution!

Cheers, w/love, dlowe

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