Duff could live anywhere.

Last Wednesday, ....After shitting and puking and sleeping about twenty of the twenty-fours hours,... Thursday,  I awoke, 6 pounds lighter, and a bears spring hunger in the belly, "I'm good", well at the time I thought I beat it, better.

I craved a hoagie, chips, and a newspaper.

I did a long easy ride on Saturday, my first day back on the bike.   about 4hrs of flat, soft pedaling.
I was afraid to stop during the ride.  I did not want my brain to switch to thinking about the body,
that as long as I was pedaling I felt good.

I've gone back and forth on being a Phillies fan,  and true, I prefer to go to the games when they are a bad baseball team, and the stadium is empty, and small packs of philly youths, with snide mustaches and big ass cans of beer, are loose in the stadium,  moving up to the front row seats in the out field. 

I like having a couple rows of empty seats around.

Coming back towards philly,  I plugged in and listened to Charles LeDuff read to me, from his book Detroit.

The hoagie did not sit well in my belly.   Damn.   I kept on with the rice and miso, bland.
I'm not a bland guy.
I saw the weather forecast and knew that I yearned to be out on the bike.

I go between fiction, and true stories of hard people, interesting, smart, more of the common type of person, or the evil industry captains.  and the Inventors, and the Artist of the times    .....what drives them?    mainly set in a time period of 1860's-1930's,  americans.
The fiction, seems to be noir-ish, drunken, 1900's-1940's.   great stories, unbelievable true tales.

LeDuff is not the best writer, but he is a great story teller.   I don't want to travel to Santa Monica,
or Miami beach,  I'm not really much of a traveler,  but if a trip came up, maybe for work,...
I'd want to go to Detroit.

Yesterday, I peeled off the small group,  turned and did some hills, climbed,  hills around here, these hills are small, but they have some pep, you have to work.
I went out to Dawson st. pub,  picked up George at his small, old, end of the row, row house,  parked on Cresson along the train tracks.   Walked down the manayunk  street with Stan, Anthony, George,
sat in a good bar, had some beers, the beers did some work,  Loud emotional talk, joking, a good band played the night. 
Slept well.

thanks LeDuff, I enjoyed what you wrote.  It made for a good ride home,
I feel pretty good.  Today, take up the chain slack on the sscx. Enjoy the day off, my fireroads, bum trails, the boxer, my city.

                                           Mr. Charlie LeDuff

Cheers,  dlowe

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