Along East River Drive.

I like talking with someone from Philadelphia, and you tell 'em about a place, and they say, oh up on "east river drive".    

 I tried to get George out to ride with me today, but he was hung-over, declined, said his bed had the spins last night.  
I did not have enough time to do as much as I wanted, but to get any in was a bonus.

I love the boxer trail, the name of it, its location just sitting there close to it all, hidden.  There is a corner on it, when you are headed out toward East Falls,
It's a blind hook.  It has caught me a few times. Whoosh, and I'm on the lip of the steep drop, trying to make a blind turn to the right.  I like trails that are not always friendly,  keeps me on my toes.

I can't imagine not having that bike, the Cannondale CAAD 9cx. Its my steady steed, now a single speed, seems to be always ready for me.  It was one of my first matching set of cx bikes, and in custom team colors,  made in the USA.   (I've got them both still,  the other is stripped of its parts, hung up in the shed).

Saw some cx race schedules for the upcoming year posted, so nice, real nice, looking at the dates, names, races, freaking awesome!

Cheers, dlowe.

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