Horace the Motivater

I'd be repugnant, it'd be, to take anything away, or feel anything less about last year, than fully satisfied.
It's a good "normal" to, now,  aim and build for each year.   In many ways.
The cx bikes, need a bit of attention, not really tucked into bed the best, need just a bit of love, then back to their napping for next season.

and the slightest hardest part this season of the change of seasons has been the entertainment, and insight that I miss from the blogs, and they seem mostly based on cx racing, so they have no  content, a subject to recap.  The blogs are quiet.

I'd wish more different peeps would take up blogging,  I like the personalities,  I'm, it's a good, entertained.    I've found that my life is far different, my take and view, I get a bunch outta, what others see and write about.

Me?  I've been so content,  that sitting around, its come easy,  that easy pedaling comes easy.
I know that in the end of August, when it's too hot, I'll be lining up in a new class, and nervous.
I'll want to be able to dig even a bit deeper, to be classier, ...I have to work on starts, remounts, skills a lot.  

There is a picture of the West Chester artist Horace Pippin hanging in my shed, he's a motivator, inspires me.
the local college,  Haverford,  had a show, 
"Portraits From the Harlem Renaissance, Photographer Carl Van Vechten",  and there in the show was my picture, the real one, of Horace.  Coolio!

a good wide base, and anything I can pile together in that foundation, that'll make me race better, well Horace is in there, one of the stones.

Cheers Blokes,  I miss ya just a wee tiny bit!  dlowe

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