My Lair

I'm so proud of everyone,  the ones that are out riding, and the ones inside on the trainers.

I do my groveling upstairs,  it's nice, I don't mind, the time goes by quick,
and I was not in the mood to layer up, for the short ride out in the cold, this weekend.
I'm good at visualizing, and I can go large bits of time, imagining racing; crits, cx courses,
Lots of time it comes down to the last two or three laps,
I plan where I'm sitting in the group, when I want to go,
even putting people along the course,  maybe Anne Rock or Featherboy yelling at me,
a choice encouraging heckle or something of that nature.

When I pull out the ear buds, wipe down, down load, I feel good.

nothing can match a good outdoor ride, with a chill or snow squall,  I dig it.
                                        snuck out a bit ago on a light snow and got a cx ride in

The off season, means gym time, to build a bit of muscle and I hope some bone density.
I've avoided running, and I know I need to, so got some shoes, and instead of the short drive to the gym, I lace up and trot there.  Not so bad, sorta like it.   Always somewhere to improve.

You know this rock?
I do, it's on my mind.  Looks to be the first race this year.  Never to soon to plan, to work on the weakness.

Congrats on the fine training comrades,  keep at it.   and hopefully it's with a smile!

Cheers!  dlowe

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