Cyclocross Racer

I did not win anything this year, not one race.
its been a grand year,  I don't have to look back farther than this afternoon to know it.
I tried Belmont, to soft, and the trails at the Mighty Wissahickon, beat up a bit, and frosting mud ontop, to soft.  I cross by Rittenhouse town and turned left, up the climb, and road the old trails, quiet, dry trails, they are short. Its a nice trail this one up on the ridge.

I raced a lot, enough.
I'm not the fastest guy,  good job fast guys,  way to work and train,  and way to show respect and pride to us losers.   Humbled by you.

Only about 2 miles from my house, its run down,  I don't worry about Phila. losing its soul. 
I wonder how people live,  this vast society of have not enoughs.

I guess what drew me to live in phila., maybe was not what it had, but maybe more what it did not have.    Even if I don't help anyone, ever,  I don't want to pretend its not there. 

mewithoutyou - "Aubergine"

Mewithoutyou, played well, good show @ Johnny Brenda's.

Its been good, work, beer, racing, bands, art, books, food, luvin, family, friends.

my adventure, challenges, just a step outside my front door.

the Quakers, when they built the doorways into the cells, that held you in the penitentiary, they made the clearance low, to make sure you bowed your head.

I don't worry about knowing a lot,  its not my genetics,  I've got a terrible memory.
so I try to keep it simple,
when I started riding,  I read, "look at where you want to go, concentrate on the line.  See and know the dangers, hindrances, but focus on the line, follow your line".

I feel it now,  next year,  racing,  cross.  oh how long till?

Cheers,  dlowe.

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