"tow trucks a coming"

I went out a wimp.
this year, I finished racing twice.  once in Louisville and last week at Belmont.
1/31    my 1st sscx race,  on the Free Spirit.
The Walkmen - "While I Shovel the Snow"
I knew as I prepped yesterday, loaded the car, the bag, that I'd turn off the alarm, turn over, and not race today.
Last race, last week,  drinking on the hill,  warm soul, warm hands, cold beer.

This morning.  
I woke up, fixed a couple of Fakin' bacon sandwiches,  and went out on a ride,  just a short one on the SScx.
You know its philly, and you know that if it can, it will find you, its always there,...
I would of missed it, if I was racing, the cop car slid off the road,  joy riding the Plateau.  I snuck around to the top of parachute hill and rode down to get a snap.   When I had found them, I stopped, and a window rolled down.   "...."  I didn't say a word.   "the hills icy"  "slid off"  I did a sitcom gander, and long pause, ....   "Yep"  I said.          "tow trucks coming".    I left a good gap in time.. "ok".        I kicked my shoe against the pedal to clear packed snow, clipped in  " so long "  I said.
I think it'd take 3 of me, to do all I want to do; help me drink it all,  see all the bands,  race, and race,  the good rides I miss, and attacking all the training rides,  the GV30 breaks I want to be in.

and of course the time I just want to have my arms around my wife.
The naps, all the naps.
driving home from picking up some strong winter brews, the moon came up and outta the cloud.
Love is Luck
I did not get a picture of the moon, no.  Back into the clouds it went.
 The Walkmen,  I now want to see them, and they just played Philly,  and it was their last show, ever.
I did not go, just another thing, grand thing, I needed to miss.


Laundry to fold, a bag to pack, need to eat a bite, and sit on  a comfy couch
Cheers!  d.  

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