an Intro to Kevin Morby

I am an awful writer.   I have no need to convince myself that one day I'll be better.  I won't
I've thought that the mtb bike had a better chance rolling down a hill, without the rider on top of it.
and that notion, helps me ride smoother.
instead of fighting it, hold on, and do the best you can

Logic, grammar, form, foreshadow, ...words hardly roll outta my head.  More pushed.

Kevin Morby,  from his new album Harlem River, 
"Miles, Miles, Miles"

I've seen Mr. Morby in two other incarnations of his bands.  The Babies,  and Woods.

He has a new band, and running it under his own moniker.
a good record, mellow, loose.  It'll be interesting to see what LA does to him.
from what I've read, he lived in Brooklyn and most recent moved to LA.
It seems to me that he's on the road a lot,  so I'm not sure it matters where he calls home.

Him and Cate Le Bon are touring together, still playing very small stages.   In Philly it'll be at the Boot and Saddle.   I'm not sure how he met Ms. Le Bon,  suppose out in LA, since she has moved from Wales to LA recently.

God I remember in the past, college, having to write a paper.  To type it out.  even on a correcto-matic electric.
I was fucked.
I might of as well pushed thumbtacks into my eyes.
that'd been less painful.

you who can write,  my sincere apologies, and ut most respect.

become his friend of FB:
check it out at the Label:

or go see him at the Boot and Saddle: 1/1714

cheers, d.

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