a Grips life.

I want to make sure that you know,  I like to toil.  To work.  Suffer.
There is a beauty in my work,  I work with light, helping to capture an image.
and it is a joy for me, to work for someone talented, with a good eye, and fair personality.

riding my bike is not my career.
its a love.
Again I toil, suffer, and pedal endlessly repetitive circles,  million of minutes, for loads of miles.
I want to have the opportunity, to make my luck, skill.
and if its to suffer, and come in 16th, Sunday at Kutztown cyclocross race, then that's it.

It took me a bit to get into the race,  the 1st laps, I pedaled with,....  not total conviction.
Not until I saw Marks wheel up in front of me, and felt the two men come on strong to my aft, and soon to capture me, was I able to dig deeper, and ride.

I could never figure out this line, I'd slow so much, lost mucho time here.
photo: c. cabalu

Saturday, working at Belmont.  I carried stones.  Whacked weeds.  Used a spay to move the earth.
Just to move mother earth a wee bit.  
I don't think there is a word more proud,  more yearned for.  Work.

I can't say that I minded the manual labor, done, headed back.  to ride.  Photo: Damien Talese.
and behind the dolly, working into the night,  a fake snow fell.  a good DP.  a beautiful shoot.

somewhere, just more recent, I think that the pride, its been a bit lost.  It's more than just capturing an image, but to capture it with a pride, skill, purpose.  Cheers to the good Cinematographers.  a knowledge, skill, love,  to write Motion, an image, with light.



Spike Vrusho said...

I like this. The clarity. Declaration. Up front. Nicely done.

Mike Clark

Michael Chizkov said...

Nicely done, Know exactly how it feels to ride like it.

Brian said...

Dabbling in both worlds I feel the similarities. Work it is David!