MIA - "Like This"

I searched the fridge, for a hidden, the hidden beer.  Not my fridge, and was not being real apparent.
I road the seam, the gap in the tape, between the step up rock, and rolled up the grass.  It was available.

Not with the intention to cheat, or steal.
Just, you know, that, rules get bothersome.  
and that some of the spirit, that its there to find the advantage, a cold one.
I've come back to an empty cooler, my hidden quencher, gone.
As sad as it was, it was more funny.
I don't know how many beers have been given to me in life.
or how many, many, I've given away.
I just want to live within the spirit.



It was not sunny, damp, windy, good for riding day.
and I listened to music.
thinking a lot,
some so important thoughts are gone, when I put the key in the lock.
One today.  so if there is a heaven, don't you think that maybe the system to get into it would be like a group ride, race day.  You'r the promoter, leader, you can't get into heaven, till every last one of all the others, the bastards, cheats, dullards, wimps, and weak links.
Till you lift, and push.  Honor, and concede.
They make it to the end.
that then you, you follow, and are the last one in.

I think mudhoney changed the world.  I was in this basement.
I found a beer in this stranger's houses fridge.
I bummed a couple more in the backyard.
and I watched my history standing next to a washing machine.

flip'm the bird.  dlowe.

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