In general, I'm not one to talk about my pains, physical.  or events, accidents.
the terms, I see, are used in general, for attention seeking, or sympathy.
I seek out neither.
but this, its more as if a story to me, that I read, I got to the end, but I don't understand.

well into my ride, on the cx bike, down the rolling hill, off the Belmont Plateau.  Fast, thru the grass, sitting back skipping along.   My front tire sank, into a hidden hole, the ones that I know litter the park.  That dread, my hands on the bars,  gravity rolling clock wise forward,  the center of the pin, my crank and me  soon, quite quick, reached the ground.   Forehead. a bit tucked, ear turned under my right shoulder.   I slammed
Stopped.    I turned, stretched out, air came in, my eyes were open, I had vision. Sensation. No pain.
I turned much like in bed at night, onto my back, to stare up a bit and think.  
All seems well. no pain.  my neck works, my teeth all seem to still be in my jaw.  no taste of blood.
I stood, not like a knocked down boxer.  Like a liberian, after putting a book onto a bottom shelf, and the next goes up higher.   My legs held, no twitch, no buckle.
Over, a bit across the grass and small group sat on a blanket, "you OK?"
I waved my right hand.   the thumb unsure, pointed down, then up "I'm fine",  ...... am I?   I left it at that.
I'm fine?
the bike, fine, my ear buds, popped outta my ears dangled free. I rinsed with the water bottle.
stood in the shade of the trees, my back felt better, I felt better than before.
so I just got on, rode on.
this photo is from the 3rd floor room, out the window of the small building that stands to the left of McPherson house, the house that stands overlooking the Wed. cx practice.   With a few kind words I was allowed to crawled up the narrow stairs to look.
I could of sat for a while, if the window opened all the better.
I took only a few seconds, a glance about, and a photo or two.

Cross is a long season, a season I used to sprint into, and had to hold hard to finish.   The challenges, are quick upon you.  You achieve.   and attending the clinics and grass track, and workouts.  I keep it in my mind, don't look at CX as one race or single battle.   It is a multi course meal, you must savor and enjoy, it takes a while to unfold, the racing season.   Just race along, and use each bit as a bit,  let each flow into each other, continuous, a season, the season. 

cheers, I think I'm alive, still... d.

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