one eye on you

I believe in anarchy, not the spray painted circled letter a.   more of the smart A.   funny to me and government structure,  I tend to be liberal in my acceptance of others, and Conservative in what I want the others to do for me.

so today was the 4th public cyclocross water ice ride,  i do the loop plenty of times, by myself.  but just a few times a year, I'll open invite all with the,  self judged  'Ability to keep up',   to join me.

Cross has been very good to me.   Many people put in hours and hours of time so I can race, train,  and learn how to ride cyclocross.   

I try to make sure everyone makes it back to the start.  Somehow I lose someone some where.  ahh, that's the anarchy.    I don't make any rules.   its worked so far.
I try to watch out for everyone, with one eye, but again, .... I ask for your respect, not verbally, but I expect it.  .... Of the other riders, other trail users,  whoever.
everyone is friends, gets along, we all roll along,  the few new faces, don't really know whats in store, so are sorta quiet.   I like a new face that is quiet.

Its funny to ride next to someone and chat it up, and later this year, I am going to be tempted to dig an elbow into 'em to get around them, to beat them.

Riding a bike in general, is a lot about respect.   I like the people who race hard, but  know how to separate the race, from the rest of life.     cross fosters this to its core,  usually the first person I want to share a beer with, after a race,  is the dude who took the corner from me,  that beat me.  
I like this time of year, full of energy, mystery, hope, and good moods.
Cheers, d.


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