the Voice, and first blood

I know that I dive deep into things, and feel it sometimes just sitting inside my bones.
be it music, the bike, beer,  shooting pictures, reading,  searching for the new fix.

I like the spark, that sensation, for me it comes with making my own discoveries.  I look and listen and get the info from the various places, sometimes friends, by chance.

Like Rockwell Kent.   Went back to the phila. museum of art, a while back.  With meisha, he wanted to see the Arcadia show, me, why not check out the prints.

I walked into the room.  The first one grabbed me, bold, clear, illustrative.   Rockwell Kent.  and I went print to print, it was a large number of his works.  From a placemat he made for a diner he ate in in upstate NY, to the jacket art for Moby Dick.

King Krule, stolen from a twit post.

This is some young kid, ..., I bit on it, not in love.  maybe it was on Sirius, got the album.   Didn't listen to it much, not a fav.   but I saw a link to his  stuff up on twitter, checked in again,  that did it, good stuff, and I figure with plenty of talent, and cool mindset to put forth plenty of good stuff in the future.

the camera came out last night, as I tried to capture a pic of the spider by the back door, the photo is not what I had in mind, had to use the flash to get enough umph, and liked the abstractness, so just ran with it a bit.

water ice ride, good ride, anne rock photo.

A Rockwell Kent print lifted off the web.   Reading his N by E novel, its very good.

and the first blood of the ride, not much, but finally blood.
from the Featherman blog              cheers, d.

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