under garments

I lingered after Monday night grass track.     I heard the car door, I looked back to check and see that my car was fine.  These ladies skipped by, the pink dress a bit more jovial.   and as I was turning my head back just to watch the night set on the city, I saw, just outta the corner of my eye, not really looking, her short light dress lift, a glimpse of her brief under garment. 

tonight, I washed out my front wheel, over, over, over, again.    I kept at it.   Till I didn't mind so much.   The Philly cx workout, changed, new place, new life.   but tight, clamping.  The course, its good, corners, work, brake, or coast, attack outta corner.  
east park, new location

I've not taken any pictures, the last five or six days.   In fact, not of much has gone through my brain, as far as, do something thinking.   I have a yearning just to stare into a fire,  to sit. 

my camera, sits, the photos I've taken, really not inspired.     I've worked hard at learning, the reward, skills that are harder to use.  Which is good, to say that what I hope that I can do, means more.  That I have to say something.

and that staring into fire,  fine, long can I sit still? 

and before I know it, I'm rolling down a hill , again, a bit scared, but a lot happy.

cheers, d.

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