the Stranger

sitting down and my head is still spinning a bit.
did some hot laps, with a couple of team mates, C. Lebair, and G. Rezvani.
Just getting the nuts and bolts tightened down for the start of the season.
a Workout is better with a peep or two pushing you along, these hot laps hurt, and not being a race, its easy to lose a bit on the top end, to let up a hair, and not give it a full go.

Meet up at the Ohio House, and hit up the laps.   4x @ 5:30  x2  of speed, flowing corners, path sprints, good work.   Warm out so the pouring rain, a bonus.

Last night I went to a Yoga studio  to see some folk.  Like in the type of Music.  
strange place in west philly, grabbed a carry-out six from across the street and climbed the steep steps to the second floor, Yoga Studio.    Meg Baird, played, shes quite good, solo tonight, and it sounded great.   Then the Black Swans, from my hometown, Columbus.    Man you gotta love what your doing to play in a band nowadays.  The talent level is so high.   This show, in this small place, incredible.   I love music, and last night, very special.  Just simple, well played, soul filled songs.  A real treat. 

I've got a theme on strava now, the workouts, for this fall, what I come up with, will be named based on the Big Lebowski. 
helps ease the pain, the goofyness of it.  

I forget that I've been around a bit, so chatting it up with these lads after the show, I asked If they knew Ron House, My old Punk rock father figure,.  It was nice to hear that they did, and that he, Ron, is still was holding a place of importance in the scene.  Respected.

cheers, d.

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