Charm city weekend is a special weekend.   I go outta town, stay in hotels full of interesting boarders, hit up Johnny Rads, hang with the team, friends, dogs, babies, competitors.  Eat drink Merriness.
I did get up every once in awhile and make my way about the course, chatting, leaning into the tape and yelling.   That's Jim Rock racing,  its cool,  my aging, I haven't changed to much in the last decade or so, Jimmies, gone from a wee lad to a racing stud.    Nipping my heals, putting elbows into me at practice, and dropping the hammer form time to time.  So I yell, "nice", "Jrock",   and so on.

Seems I tend to be standing by the tape mostly during the masters 35+ race,  I know so many of them, and its good racing to follow, all the battles, the top dogs,  to the suffering dogs, I like those battles.

the masters are the working class.  full of pride, determination, mistake, excuses, speed, smarts,...

I miss the race before mine, the 4's, and the race after.  I do like the elite racing, clean, fast,

 the personalities

and team mates, chopping away,   the Elites.

Just sitting in a quiet hotel, a Sunday 5:30, very quiet, calm, nice weather, a nap done.   Kept the room an extra night, headed down to DC to see a band.  Then back home.  Home.

Kelly Cline got a good one in today, 
photo by K.j. Cline

"Charm City CX: Where 3yo's can ride in the sand and Elite Men and Women can't."

the officials let everyone except the Elites ride the sand.  I'm not sure why?

its a good sport, I had two great days.
Cheers!  dlowe.

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