more cow bells

I walked into the DC bar, last Sunday night, early to nab a bite.    Empty pretty much,  I looked at the tables on the left, the group looked up at me, I recognized them, they were the band, Cate Le Bon, that moment happened that happens, it seemed silent, and the Sweet Baboo,  his eyes, lifted and they too stared at me, I,the newcomer into the bar guy.   Surprised, uncomfortable, I twitched and turned and made some squeaky sounds dragging a bar stool out and tried to sit.  Normal acting.
sometimes the internet provides a bit too much.
I would'nt know Cate Le Bon
the Sweet Baboo
or look at their pictures on facebook and follow their tweets
or watch videos of them in fields in Wales
without it.
 the bar was small and the crowd, well us there to view the show, we stood out in our watching and me I stood out a bit more with a camera pointed up at all of them, but I'm sure they are use to it, they've been playing shows and on this tour for a while now, I've read.
The Baboo brought a great energy to the band, playing bass, he laughed and jabbered, and played, you could tell he had a hard time of not letting the music over-power his soul.
Cate Le Bon, played an Gibson SG (I think), now this show, chords, distortion, rocking, less finger picking.
I enjoyed the show.
I'm still in love with wear and tear, burnishment,  and I hate changing my bar tape, and I want components that last.
I've been thinking of getting a bike that I keep forever.
The parts, sturdy.  A good bike, a cross bike, for all time riding, trails, cobbles, roads, maybe take it on a trip or two.   but one that last, that I keep.
Heres the Sweet Baboo
I don't think I'll have eggbeater pedals on my last forever bike, I don't think they are to longlasting sturdy.
cables, and tires, somethings last less time, I'm ok with that
I want a bike I commit to.
any advice
Cheers, david.

oh yea, drummers might get a bit neglected now and then so here are some shots of the drummer from Cate Le Bon.

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