Toe in.

a couple of  flavor of philly dlowe cx  riding day pictures. 

The water is cold, I dip just the tips of my toes in. It is chilly. I ease in.  
Riding in wet grass, chatting with my allies.  Getting ready to follow Reuther around. 
I wipe the thin dirt off the braking track of the rims, and behold, the squeal is gone. 
I wipe out, washing out the front tire, and I know as the bike slides out,
that someone is going to follow soon, and Joey P. is coming down on me. 
We're up, I apologize, nothings busted, and no bruises.  We chase back on, I apologize again. 

August, practice.  The first one was good. heavy. We are real lucky around this area.  The talent is deep, competitive, comitted in all the good ways.  Practices fan out from downtown phila.
to Reading, Delaware, I'd be piggly happy, rolling up to these practices, and join 'em. 
The blood is full of Carbon, glue, toe spikes, and a calm vigor. 
and I figure whatever the race attendance are, growing or shrinking, that cx runs about the same in all our veins. 

I've already got a room booked in Baltimore for Charm City. 
and a bit nervous to face the Queen Granogue. 

I'm glad to have this love.  real lucky.  
and the lolly gaggy time of water ice, and explorations, snapping pics of philly,
changes to sets of :30's.

Cheers Cyclocross Racers!

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