fresh thick cut grass,
I'm shaking it down, and inspecting, make a list of bits to order.
One more year on the Cannondale Super X.
It's treated me really well, and I love riding it.  I do dream of 1x11 electronic shift new machine.
Next year.  
for now,  I didn't think about it, just kept ripping around the yard,  our 1/4 acre plot.
I got a beat old set of tubulars and I'm free to destroy them, to lower the air and hear 'um rip.
flat pedals, and kicking a leg out, snapping the ass around.
Damn fun.

the Water Ice ride was yesterday, I really don't know the count, I just started counting, and this one was #11 Snake Eyes.  83 riders, I think I talked to, smiled at, chatted with about most.  and it seems like most had fun, and so,  this ragged ride will last on.

I did a search for some pics, but came up with some quotes from the past.

"My cross bike is my Spring Classic bike and its in pieces in the basement."

"what does "nice pace" mean?"

"where was everyone? I was at HZ at 9"

"I have to see if I can find the ability!"

I think in general, I am a more agreeable mood starting 7/4,  I cheer up a bit, a little lift in my step.
Cx has been a great find for me, a true joy.  It's ragged, haphazard, bluntness, I really love.
and if there is any truth to the Trickle Down Theory, I hope this ride, gives a bit of fun, understanding,  fear, and a stupid tasty reward at the end, to all my cx friends.

Cheers to you all,  dlowe.

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