I started out cycling on the mountain bike.  Despite my late in life start, lack of talent, my determination, and quick healing, immunity to pain, drove me on, to meet a goal. Cat 1.
I did it, and like things sometimes, you get there and that makes you quit.

I returned to racing the mountain bike today.
and had a Blast.
I rolled the start, good, I felt I wanted a 5th place finish, a top 5 was my goal.
I was balled up in thoughts, and I carved them down to, approaching the race, to think, that, as if the race was just a good  fast group ride.

this race goes on the short list of to do's, Monkey Hill, Riverton, Challenger,...

I am still breaking in a new camera, the Olympus tg-5, and am pretty happy with it.

                         My CX Bro, Featherman, rocking the Mtbike racing.

I don't think I ever want to have a goal again, then when I reach it, that, it's done.

I napped hard.  97% of the pictures I took today were under whelming.

I like the camera.  I like that it slips in a jersey pocket.  It reminds me of tri-x film.

I came in 8th,  most of the race, I was 6th, but got tired by the end, and lost them two spots.
I'm happy with that.

Race, Ride, Recover, and Challenge yourself.....

Cheers! dlowe

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