the clinic

as we were walking back to the car with the barriers,
I think Kelly said "yua, know, cross people are good people"
"they are" I said,
"but maybe it's a learnt thing"
to me on of the best part of this sport, is learning.
we make good racers, we make us better people.
cross is silly, a gangly defined sport of make shift courses, hazards, and a Magnificently glorious short period of intense efforts.  I've seen tears, big happy teethe smiles.
numb toes and tomato red hot sweaty faces.
To do one race is grand, to do two dozen in a season is normal.

                                          photo: M. Avery

this free cx clinic has been going on now 20 years.   I came to cx late, I missed the roots, the beginings of the sport in this area.   But.    I've always tried to listen hard, and with quite

The group split into skill levels.

we did off camber, cornering, starts, barriers, all the stuff,

I always go away with the feeling that everyone wants me to be the best racer,
they give me their secrets,
correct my form, and nit comb my carry,
I don't know, I sorta get the feeling like all else in this queer sport,
that they want me to do my best to Crush them,
to be an unconventional,  a syncopation clean riding machine,  a fearsome, formidable opponent, ...
almost... a,
undefeatable  Opponent.
to bring out the most best in them,
that in the end, that all I want, is not to beat everyone, or to be 1st,
but to be the best at the worst of times.
at my best of conditions.

Cheers,  dlowe

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