State of the art

a great Pontification!

The season for me starts in a couple of days, I'm headed into it with a different head on my shoulders.
A couple of pounds over-way-in-weight.
and an insecure feeling about my state of conditioning.
I'm lucky to have to have some good heckling from Kelly Cline to drive me in the right direction.

I still get a rush almost everyday I drive to work, everyday is a  new job.  I like the rush.
I've been busy traveling a bit more, which is a bonus.
Life's been casting its reality, as family care, aging comes into a bigger role.

I have an "A" bike that needs to be dialed in, a "b" bike a nursing along.

That nervousness, the bit of extra energy, that snake nest, hissing,...


top 10's would be grand,  bundling that rumbling energy, twisting it positive, and make something out of it.    To smile, suck it up, and live.   To not bog down.

Rain for racing, this weekend?  In mind my; is to take all the body punches, head shots, and when my eyes roll back a bit into my head,  as I gasp trying to grasp any air there is,
To not let the wheel I am chasing to gap me, to get away.
....and it's with a sly smile, that with a bit of confidence, wry squinting, chortling laugh, and strong legs,
that soon I'll be putting the screws to you!

Onward, without a choice, a new season is upon me!

Cheers my friends.  dlowe

                                     a  call for a tow on a hot day,  a breakdown on the way to Richmond, to work

                                              set up day at Granogue

                                                     the hill never looks big in a picture

                         and the course/races, never falls short, in providing beauty,or suffering.


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