The Pits


what I remember,  not much, hot, going hard,  trying to escape the grim reaper bearing down on me the last two laps,  You don't want to look in the rear view mirror and see a Chris Long,  closing in on you.  The 55+ riders, the front group,  seems to be pretty even in strength, some a bit up, some a bit down each race.   A couple just a bit stronger than the rest.

The course, excellent,... I took some stuff I learned in a cx clinic this year, and took a wider outside line in the corners, and conserved my effort, as much as I could.    The people in the pits,  spraying a little water on me,  that helped.  Big old Rob Sutherland,  dousing me like a flash dancing cx racer.

Cheap Mexican beer, is good on hot days, and sitting in the shade with the grim reaper, after the race with Feathermen, and others,... dazed-iling chatting, cooked,  boiled, poached, roasted, seared.

It was hot,  it was just another obstacle to master,....and  to hold off the grim reaper,... just look ahead, ride hard, smart, don't pop,  keep away from the reaper.

Cheers to V3 Fairhill,  just as excellent as always.


I had my camera, but have gotten a bit lazy and focused on other aspects of the day.  so more poached photos...

                                    thankful for photos:  Bill White photographer

start of the Master's 55,  still shaking it out, we are riding a bit to much, nose to ass, as a group, anxious to win,... as a group, an early attack, steady and strong drops the clogged infighting group of chasers, for sure!

that is Rob with the beard,  seeing him each lap,  was like seeing a greek god,  pelting me the weak mortal man, with just a tad of water,

so  much awesome!
                                   photo:  Bill White!

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