Quaker City


Quaker City made huge strides forward in course design, a vast improvement from it's inaugural race last year.   If it stays small, and keeps itself on the schedule after Town Hall,  it fits in  nice with what I'd like.   A weekend of climbing.   and a bit of "locals" racing. 

I burnt a lot of matches early, and suffered, trying to stay fourth.  I had to dig, and never got out of the hole I put myself in.   I spent most of my time over the limit.    The gap in front of me got away.  
I finished 4th.

Carlos Cabalu,  I like his photos.  I like that he shoots film.  He knows his stuff.

Three of his shots:
                   photo: Carlos Cabalu

                         photo: Carlos Cabalu

                      photo: Carlos Cabalu

My legs hurt, I'm tired, I've got a couple little bits to teach myself/change, .....a good weekend.

Cheers!  dlowe

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