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Nittany CX   "Turnaround"

             crushing myself, and some peeps having happy tent time Photo: Bob Wassell jr.

I was in a bit of a funk,  my mind, on day one,  it just would not sit down.  I tried to focus on the process, prep, eating, pre-riding.  I was fixated on cornering, I wiped out a couple of times during the warm up laps.  and during the race, sitting in the lead group of  the  55+  I took the first dirt turn in the woods, and washed the front wheel out, plowed into and blocked the line up for the group.
I also wiped out around the 180 downhill,  I never got into the groovey mind set of racing.   but in the end, I had a good race, and finished 5th.

I think I suffered more, in my brain, than muscle and lungs.
                                      my internal fight - photo: Bob Wassell jr.
Day two,
the course is turnaround, and races the opposite direction.

I did not figure out a way to dissipate my internal demon thoughts, they just left me.
I got a great start, sitting in the front group again, comfortable, even put in a dig on the front.
then, dangled and got gapped, dug hard, and deep.
I had Paul Wahner gapped, but you know the Wahner Bros.  they ride like the Krays, proper English Gangsters,  they don't forgive a debt, and will make you pay.  With not a lick of concern for their pain, or well being,  they will get you!   Paul f'n chased me down, as soon as he caught me, I attacked, he was gapped a hair, and then there again, I attacked, ditto.   He came around, and I followed his wheel, to finish the last lap,  I was gonna wait, as long as I could, and not give him a chance to get me back.  I went on the finish straight, and just nipped him at the line,  maybe got him by 8 inches.

                                       glued on - Photo: Ryan Filson

                                     Tent life, post day one  Photo: Glenn Turner

at the end of day two, sitting under Ben's tent, chatting it up, I looked at Kelly Cline, "I don't want to go back to the real world"  

good weekend.

Cheers!  dlowe

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